trust my photos label
Label To Be Inserted In Your Footer

By using our label  you stand out from unfair competition. 

Membership rules and regulations

The label may be used for websites showing only authentic photos of their products, achievements or services.

The authorization to use the label is granted for a use that is the one accepted by the user in this regulation. This authorization is not valid for another use.

The use of the label must not be associated with activities that could harm or be prejudicial to the image of the company Fotobobby limited, nor to public order and morality.

The authorization is granted on an individual basis, therefore, it cannot be assigned or transferred to a third party, free of charge or against payment.

Fotobobby Limited declines all responsibility for the unauthorized use of the label. The use of the  label may be withdrawn at any time if it is found that the applicant does not respect or no longer complies with the conditions under which the authorization was granted.

Each operator wishing to use the “” label must make a formal commitment to comply with the conditions set out in these regulations.

Fotobobby Limited reserves the right to take any measure, or to take any action it deems necessary in case its label  is used in conditions that do not comply with the present rules.

Positioning the label

Place the label in the footer so that it is present on all your pages. Insert a link towards this PAGE (open link  in a new tab).

The technician in charge of your site must  complete the “Alt attribute” of the label  with label”.



You certify that your site shows authentic photos of your products, your achievements or your services without resorting to the use of photos showing products, achievements, services from any other source (stolen photos, photos from images bank (stock photos) …

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